Alcoholism: You Can Stop On Your Own (English Edition) Price: 5.62 (as of 22/10/2021 06:21 PST- Details)

Are you experiencing problems in your life, job, family, driving privileges or in your relationships related to alcohol or other drugs; or have you been trying to hide your drinking from everyone then feeling alone and isolated? If you are, you can stop this awful hamster wheel ride on your own! People seem to believe that the only ways to stop drinking are the conventional methods. You don’t have to follow those “norms” at all. You can learn new methods on your own, and then set them into motion in your life. This book series “Alcoholism” will take you by the hand and guide you on your journey to a contentment-filled life without alcohol and without anymore of the problems it can cause. So if you’re tired of trying to beat it alone, come with me and begin your successful new, sober life now!